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Complete Your Retro Look! 60s to 80s Jewelry, Pins, and Accessories

Are you tired of all the modern bling flooding the marketplace? Are you more of an old soul on the hunt for some great, fun retro products? You're not alone, as the popularity of 60s to 80s accessories and 60s to 80s jewelry is on the rise.

Why Go Retro?

Whether you're talking movies, cars, or candy, vintage never really goes out of style. We all have a nostalgia for the things we loved when we grew up. Increasingly, fashion-forward is fashion-backward.

When it comes to retro accessories and jewelry these offerings have moved out of the costume party sphere. They are whimsical and unique. If you're decked out in wayback gear, you'll stand out from the pack and make a bold statement.

Styles of 60s to 80s Accessories

Different types of accessories gained popularity in these decades, from clutch handbags to zipper pouches. The designs emerging from these iconic periods found their way onto many accessories, pins, and jewelry. These styles were not mere fads, as they still live on in art and architecture today.


Sometimes dismissed as gaudy and tasteless, this style is viewed by its lovers as a clever parody and outside-the-box sensibility. Kitsch shamelessly merges the past and future, the cheap and expensive, the muted and shockingly outrageous in a beautiful-in-its-own-way mashup. If you're beholding the brightest colors and most eyebrow-raising add-ons, you're likely marveling at kitsch style in all its unapologetic glory.


Take the “groovy-ness” of the 60s and 70s and crazy-cool lava lamp concoctions, and you've got the spirit of psychedelic style. Inspired by the Far East and hippie culture, rule-breaking psychedelic design abides by only one rule: freedom of form. Vivid colors and lots of flowing and contrasting shapes weave through this peace-loving style.


If minimalism embodies the thought that less is more, maximalism authoritatively heads in the other direction. If you like eclectic colors, prints that show off your personality, and as many objects and designs as possible in one space, then you are a tried-and-true maximalist. Glossy, bold, and joyful are just a few adjectives associated with your favorite style.
And with an accessory-heavy aesthetic, it's a fitting design template for accessories.


Manga has made a mint off this charming style. By depicting humans and animals as innocent, wide-eyed, and cute, the designs speak to the child in all of us.


Amusement and expressionism are hallmarks of this style that gained popularity in the 60s. The form also celebrates our daily lives by elevating normal, everyday products into works of art.

60s to 80s Jewelry at a Glance

Fanciful gems and traditional metals took a backseat for the rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. True to the spirit of these decades, outside-the-norm became the norm. Gems grew in size, abundance, and color. Frames took on new, rich textures, layers, and designs, with the introduction of materials like plastic. And multicultural influences blossomed.
With jewelry becoming more of an artform and a way to express oneself, handmade jewelry and accessories exploded in popularity. Today's artists and small businesses have progressed this tradition with more flair than ever before.

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